I am sure by now that you have heard something about life coaching but I have encounter few people that actually know what authentic life coaching is so let me straighten out a few misconceptions.

First of all, my name is Anna and I am the life coach that is on staff here at the Women’s Center. I have been a Life Coach Practitioner since 2014 and have been trained by Learning Journeys International Center of Coaching which has outstanding credentials and many awards. Let me begin by telling you what coaching ISN’T- it is NOT therapy, counseling or giving advice. Coaching IS about discovering your inner potential, digging out answers that you already possess and making a decision to embrace positive, lasting change. The coach is simply there to facilitate the tools that will help you unearth the information within you and here’s why you need one ASAP:

1. Everyone else is going to give your their opinion about what you should do.

Ethically coaches CANNOT interject their own opinions into your situation even if you ask…they’ll just ask you more thoughtful questions.

2. Coaches will never bring up your past.

We aren’t therapist and we don’t pretend to be. Coaches stand with you at the starting line and won’t ask you to turn around and reminisce on your past mistakes.

3. The coaching process will make you feel secure.

No matter the tool or topic being discussed we will take the same approach every time so you will feel completely in control of all your sessions. You control the session- if there is something you don’t want to discuss, we don’t dig.

4. It’s a safe space to dream.

When was the last time you were able to truly explore what you want in life? Can you make a list of ten things that feed your wellbeing off the top of your head? This is what coaching can do. When your wellbeing is in check you are less stressed and you are able to get a clear vision for your future.

5. You will set goals that you haven’t even thought of yet.

We are reaching beyond the impossible here. Your purpose is already within you and most people live their whole life without tapping into it. Don’t be one of those people, get a life coach.

The reason we offer coaching here at the center is because all too often our hopes and dreams are packed away because of expectations that influence our decisions and circumstances comes up that we didn’t plan for throwing life a little of track. The Women’s Center provides that calm in the eye of life’s storm to allow you to envision the legacy that you want to live and help you develop the tools to achieve it. Check out our programs today!


Difficult Roads often

lead to Beautiful Destinations.