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Learning that your partner is unexpectedly pregnant can leave you feeling confused and upset at the very least. As the news begins to sink in, there are a few things you need to know about your role as you navigate what you are going to do next.

1. Your opinion matters, but the decision is ultimately hers

If you have an opinion about the pregnancy or whether you want to be involved, let her know. However, while it is very important for you to express what you think, it is legally her decision to choose which option she wants for the pregnancy. You cannot force her into a decision.

2. Your support is valuable

Think about how you felt when you first found out she was pregnant. She likely feels twice as confused, scared, angry, and overwhelmed as that. Taking the time to support her through this is incredibly valuable. Listen to how she feels and what she’s thinking, and be there for her if you choose to tell family and friends about the pregnancy. It will be a difficult road, but it will be better if you’re there to encourage each other through it.

3. Consider the options together

There are three options you have when faced with an unexpected pregnancy: abortion, adoption, and parenting. It is vital to consider each of those possibilities and how they would look for you and your situation. This way, you know you’re choosing the best option for you rather than one based on urgency or fear.

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This is not something the two of you have to go through alone. The staff at Northfield Women’s Center can help you understand your options, connect you with available resources, and provide you with no-cost care to confirm her pregnancy. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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