We Support Students

At Northfield Women’s Center, we understand that students face specific challenges when unexpectedly pregnant. You might be wondering:

  • Am I too young to have a baby?
  • Will I be able to finish school with a child?
  • Do I have the support to raise a child?
  • How will I make it through this financially?
  • Isn’t abortion the only option for me?

These and other concerns are common and completely valid. Our team will be able to help you find answers to these questions, as well as provide you with accurate information about your options and the resources available to you. No matter how old you are, you are not alone, and we are here to help you in every way we can.

How much does an appointment at Northfield Women’s Center cost?

All of the services offered at Northfield Women’s Center are free. We know that students often do not have many resources, and we want to provide them with quality care, no matter their financial circumstances.

What if I am still on my parent’s insurance, but I’m not ready for them to know?

Even if you are listed on your parent’s insurance, they will not know about your appointment at Northfield Women’s Center. Because all of our services are free of charge, we do not need to notify your insurance provider of your appointment.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

If you want to bring a trusted friend or your partner to your appointment, you are more than welcome to. It is so valuable to have support during every step of an unexpected pregnancy and we would be glad for you to have that with you.

What if I don’t know what to do next?

If you are unexpectedly pregnant and do not know what to do, the staff at Northfield Women’s Center is here to provide you with guidance about your next steps. We can provide you with information about your options and medical provider referrals to get you connected with the best care possible.

If you are a student and think you might be pregnant, we are here to help. Schedule an appointment with Northfield Women’s Center to get connected with the resources you need.

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