Considering Parenting?

Parenting is a complicated path filled with daily joys and challenges. While it’s not an easy path, our goal at Northfield Women’s Center is to prepare you to be the best possible parent you can be for your child. To help you navigate parenting and become better equipped for this journey, we offer several resources we invite you to participate in:

Support Services

Our staff is happy to help you find the essentials, like affordable childcare, work and sufficient housing. Our hope is to supply you with the tools you need so you can fully focus on parenting a healthy, happy child. We offer several support services to walk you through your parenting journey like CPR training for infants and educational services like Earn While You Learn.

Earn While You Learn

We know that a child requires a significant financial investment, and we hope to lift that burden so no matter your financial circumstances, you have the opportunity to parent to your fullest potential. Earn While You Learn is a customized educational program that provides you with relevant information about pregnancy and parenting. You only attend the classes that fit your unique situation, and by participating in them, you will earn credits toward material goods for your child, from baby clothes and formula to larger items like car seats and cribs.

Have Questions?

Parenting, like each of the options, is a big decision to make. If you aren’t sure about parenting or have any questions about the resources we offer, schedule an appointment with Northfield Women’s Center for an options consultation today. Our goal is to empower you with resources and information so you can be confident in the decision you make for yourself and your future.

Difficult Roads often

lead to Beautiful Destinations.