I suppose we all want to be considered fascinating.  Fascinating people have passion, they amplify life and they have great stories to tell. As Jennie stated in class, they fully embrace life; they are fully engaged and are not just going through the motions.

Here are just a few tips for becoming more fascinating:

  • Every week, read a magazine or paper you’ve never read before

  • Once a month interview someone for 20 minutes and listen for what makes them interesting

  • Create experiences different from anyone else each week

  • Collect something unusual

  • Become an expert in something unexpected

  • Create something from nothing

  • Feed your brain with info that is entirely new

  • Inquire when and how others see you at your best

  • Take one picture a day of what you see as fascinating.  Document your experience

  • Each week go somewhere you’ve never gone before

  • Once a month try something you’ve never done before

The Good News!  We can be fascinating.

Thoughts from a recent class at Learning Journeys, The International Center of Coaching. Presented by Jennie Antolak.

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Difficult Roads often

lead to Beautiful Destinations.